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Monday Night Matches Fixture List, Now Live!!!

Westpro Soccer School

Monday Night Matches at Eggbuckland CC (Astro Pitch)

The fixtures are are now live on the website.

There are two groups, the older group (DINO) and the younger group (RIO).

Currently, there are 31 players for DINO and 10 for RIO. In the next week or so we hope to get Dino up to 8 teams of 6 children and RIO up to 4 teams of 5 children (or maybe 6 team of 4 children). We’ve tried to cater for your requests but if we haven’t please do not hesitate in contacting either Alan or Adam.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow on the astro.

Remember, it always rains on Monday Footie nights!!!

3 thoughts on “Monday Night Matches Fixture List, Now Live!!!

  1. Hi

    I have just paid for Sonny to go to Marjons 10-3 tomorrow, and was wondering how we go about joining the Monday night matches after half term. He is 7 8 in June. Also how much is this?


    1. Hi Nathan,
      The Soccer School tomoz is at Eggbuckland CC and not Marjons. Remind me tomoz and I’ll talk to Adam about including Sonny in one of the teams.

      1. Great thanks. I meant to say Eggbuckland tomorrow not Marjons!

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